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Whitehill Manufacturing

Re-inventing Synthetic Rope

Design. Test. Manufacture.

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Whitehill Manufacturing was founded in 1978 to design and manufacture high performance synthetic rope.

Whitehill is a leader in deepwater moorings and supply of high performance work lines for offshore lifting.  Whitehill designed and manufactured the world’s first fully synthetic rope installed on a mine hoist.  Our customer base also includes military, heavy marine and a wide variety of industrial users.

Over the years our products have been from the bottom of the ocean to the surface of Mars. We have designed ropes for missile ranges, amusement park rides, heavy lift military helicopters, tug boats, rockets, aerostats and sonar arrays. Our products have been used as mine sweep cables, halyards on America’s Cup racers, and floating lines for towing icebergs. We supply mooring lines for the U.S. Navy fleet, designed not to recoil providing maximum safety for U.S. Navy sailors. We also supply tanker-mooring lines for many major operators.

Our staff has technical intensity, flexibility, and experience to provide our customers innovative products that are practical and cost effective. We have invented and reinvented high performance rope with new fibers, new designs and new concepts supported with rigorous testing to meet the changing requirements of evolving applications.

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